Idea and Purpose

Idea and Purpose: Monaldi, surname from Italy by the grandfather of the present owner, Francisco Monaldi Miranda, who was Manager of Caldera in one of the boats that arrived at this distant coast in search for new horizons. Today, known as the Monaldi hotel, is situated in a prestigious zone where at the beginning of XX century Traditional mansions were built with family and through the years have been transformed into hotels staying inserted in the historical of Viña del Mar.

Their owners have been faithful to this building of 1930 of oak, adobe and Oregon pine on floors and stairs, allowing the first summer visitors from different parts of Chile, discover of their beaches white sand where thanks to access easy to railroad, to allowed to communicate with Valparaíso and Viña del Mar and for who arrive now enjoy all its history and architecture.

With the architectural characteristics of the age and his inside renovated with comfortable accommodations, Monaldi Hotel today can provide services to students, tourists and companies. Their eclectic decoration keeps us in a status which varies on each wall, with pictures, antiques, curiosities that love it for their history and family atmosphere simple, friendly and warm.

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